Style and safety at work – NEO brand workwear.

2019-05-22 / IK

Style and safety at work – NEO brand workwear.

Modern and functional style 

projektowanie odzieży NEO BHP

NEO workwear combines functionality and the newest trends in fashion. As a proof, one can mention new clothing collections: Woman line, Camo and HD+ that are the answer to the needs of our products users. When working on clothing collections, we constantly observe trends present in practical fashion, listen to our consumers and react to their needs on the fly. We start our design tasks with concepts of individual collections and we define guidelines for the projects. Next, we choose materials and additions, and tune up the colours. That's how we make clothes that combine three most important features – modern style, precise workmanship and functional cut.



Precision above all

Our design team makes sure that each model within the collection meets the criteria of quality, functionality and strength. Designers pay great attention to cutting structures, so that the NEO workwear can fit perfectly to the user's silhouette.


Each model of clothing comes from its prototype, which undergoes development, checks and evaluation to introduce improvements and cross out potential deviation from the design intent. We maintain project documentation that covers all elements used in the product, as well as the history of evaluations and introduced changes. It is only when all of the design team agree on the looks and functionality of the prototype that we can start production on its basis.


In the manufacturing of our collections we use services of specialised sewing plants, suppliers of fabrics and sewing additions. Close cooperation and presence of the brand representatives on each stage of production allow for certainty that the newest NEO clothing collections are the high quality workwear designed for people who value style, comfort and functionality.


New collections are available for purchase – please see our comprehensive catalogue of products!


 projektowanie odzieży BHP

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HD+ new workwear collection

The line is an offer for men who value functionality, comfort and modern design. The collection is created in line with the newest trends in fashion. Bold colour scheme is worth to notice – dominant, saturated blue adds freshness and energy perception to the clothes, and creates good composition with contrasting black and deep red. This selection of colours highlights modern lifestyle look.


New Camo collection

Camo trend has been inspiring the fashion world since the 1970s. And so our designers, when creating the CAMO collections, came up with the unique camouflage pattern available only in our offer. The pattern shows greatly when combined with uniform colours, on many styles and various materials. This diversity allows to create a consistent entity for the series and to join all models freely.