Modular box

  • NEW

  • Heavy Duty

  • Mocne zapięcia

  • Otwór na kłódkę

  • Prowadnica z miarką do cięcia w pokrywie

  • adjustable partitions

  • Solidne łączniki boczne

  • Duża pojemność

  • Możliwość stawania i siadania na klapie

  • Lita uszczelka w klapie

  • Resistance to dust and water


NEO modular box 350 (ref. no. 84-256) is a strong container used to carry and store construction tools. Seal in the lid efficiently protects tools from dust and moisture. Recess with scale located in the lid allows for a firm grip and easy cutting of pipes, slats etc. Strong design allows a person up to 120 kg to stand on the box. Large volume allows to carry even the biggest tools and power tools. Tray and inside partition improve the box usefulness. Strong handle withstand carrying of 50 kg tools.

Product variants

REF H [mm] L [mm] W [mm]  
84-256  320 585 385 + Add to Wishlist
Modular box 350 (ref. no. 84-256), adjustable partition with straps, sturdy locks, strong handle, sealed lid, resistance to dust and water, modular design, reinforcing ribs, deep tray, recess for cutting with scale, large volume, load capacity 50 kg, stacking up to 120 kg