• Stainless steel

  • Error range

  • Range

  • Millimetre and inch measurement

  • 25 years guarantee


NEO caliper with measuring range 150 mm and measurement accuracy 0.02 mm is one of the basic measuring tools. Product is made of high quality stainless steel. Four functions: for measuring of inside and outside dimensions, depth and offsets. Nonius made of single stainless steel piece with no connections guarantee accuracy. Tightening screw that locks slider aids in making measurements. Practical plastic package for convenient storage and transport. Product reliability is confirmed with 25 years warranty. NEO brand meets expectations of professionals.

Product variants

REF L [mm] Ra [mm] OPK OPW  
75-000  234 0-150 40 10 + Add to Wishlist
Caliper, 150 mm, stainless steel, 4 functions, measurement accuracy ±0.02 mm, tightening screw, plastic case